When life matters most, Temecula Hospice cares

Temecula Hospice cares for your loved ones when life matters most.

The hospice care that Temecula Hospice offers is more than pain management. It is more than just helping with questions and putting together resources. We create a personalized, compassionate care experience to meet the unique needs of each hospice patient. Furthermore, we do our best to earn our hospice patients’ trust and be their companion.

Temecula Hospice offers hospice care for your loved ones in the Temecula Valley

Case Management

We create and execute a plan specifically for your hospice care. In addition, we coordinate all other services

Home Care

Overall, we provide help with all activities of daily living, such as hygiene, bathing, dressing and more

Social Worker

We will work with the patient and family through their emotional needs, particularly bereavement and end of life counseling


In addition, if a patient or family requests, clergy can provide religious, spiritual or other related services that are meaningful to the patient

The mission of Temecula Hospice is to provide unprecedented care

  • Enhance the quality of our patients’ life
  • Maintain the dignity and integrity of our patients in our care
  • Offer comfort, support and compassion
  • Provide assistance and care
  • Treat physical and emotional pain and symptoms
  • Above all, affirm life when life matters most

The Temecula Hospice care team is built on compassion and expert level care

Members of the Temecula Hospice care team may include one, or more, of the following medical professionals:

  • A Physician specializing in hospice care
  • A Hospice nurse who is highly qualified in pain management, who can carefully navigate symptoms of the patient
  • In addition, a home health aide assisting with personal care and needs

The Temecula Hospice care team may also provide the following to go beyond the medical element:

  • A medical social worker that will provide counseling support and help with financial issues, legal issues, additional care options and other resources that may be helpful
  • A member of the clergy who may offer comfort through spiritual assistance
  • Finally, a hospice volunteer who can be so helpful providing companionship,friendly visits and help with tasks

Temecula Hospice offers compassion and expert level hospice care when life matters most

Temecula Hospice affirms life when life matters most. Thus, it doesn’t speed up nor does it postpone the end of life. Indeed, it is based on the foundational components of compassion, appropriate care, and the support of a caring community. Through those components, terminally ill patients and their families can begin to prepare to face the inevitable challenges that end of life can bring. Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Hundreds of years ago, a hospice was known to be a shelter for travelers. However, over the years, it has evolved to be a refuge where hurting people can also find care, comfort and support during difficult times throughout their life.

Furthermore, helping in this journey is what Temecula Hospice has unquestionably been created to do. For this reason Temecula Hospice offers compassion and expert level hospice care when life matters most.

Temecula Hospice

Serving the greater

Temecula Valley

Providing Hospice Care for Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Winchester, Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, Fallbrook and also Bonsall.

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